December 16, 2010

Snow Moment!!

Like in every country in the Europe it s winter. In my country,Romania, it s winter to, and when i say winter - a say snowwwwww
To be honest , i don t like winter, not at all, but when i saw today all the snow, i feel very good, i remembered of my childhood and snow-related moments.
the day was not complete until I met my friends and we  visited the city with its beauties ..
.after we made some small shopping:P:P

December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Day !!! :)))

Hey Hey Hey ,,,or Ho Ho Ho ( like Santa   :P ) ...I m here again with all of you. Here in Romania is WINTER , it s really winter. Few days ago, Sunday,  if i remember well, it snowed ... it snowed so much, so hard ,so so so... that turned Iasi into a gingerbread snow....but was not so Yamy yamy, on the contrary, was even cold, if you believe it:))))). Now the weather has warmed, so gingerbread :)))))),,,, sorry snow has melted, and it s water  wherever you look....Now my little town has turned into a small Pacific...I like water, i adore water, but not in this way :))).
Why ginderbread, why snow???,,,because,,,( and now i`m telling you a secret} ), when i was  a child i like to eat snow and ice icicles :))))))) 

How's the weather in your  country, town?

December 1, 2010

Thank you allllll !!!!!

           I wake up today , 1 December 2010 , i wash my face, i look at the mirror , like always,, because i like my face when i wake up, ( curious no ? :)) )...after i drink my milk , because i don t drink coffee,I looked out the window   and i saw  gray weather,,,,:( and I became suddenly angry and i m telling first day of winter, not good. 
             I open  my computer  and i enter here ...and i was amazed, because i saw 37 comments,,,sweet comments from all of you.....Thank you alll !!!!!  
                    Maybe  you don t know that today is Romanian Day ,,,then Happy Birthday Romania, Happy Birthday to me


November 29, 2010

Skirt Day

Today was a very sunny day ,,,and in  my big closet :))) i found this skirt made by my mum ( Ionela- loveeeee ya ). and i decide to wear her. After i wear , i remember a lot of  funny things. One time  i wear this skirt at a party and me and my friends we meat a Pantera :)))). We are shock to see her. After this experience, everytime we remember that " horror" night we laughed a lot

         Astazi a fost o zi foarte insorita,,, şi în dulapul meu mare:))) am gasit acest fusta făcute de mama mea (Ionela-loveeeee ya). şi am decis să o port. După ce am purtat-o mi-am  amintit o mulţime de lucruri amuzante. Odată am porţat fusta, la o petrecere unde eu si prietenii mei am intalnit o Pantera :)))). Eram foarte socati sa o vedem. După această experienţă am ras o gramada de fiecare datat cand ne reamintim  tot ceea ce sa întâmplat în acea "horror":))) noapte.

November 23, 2010 my new fashion!!!

I love black color ,,,of course many of you, tell me now that black is  not a color in a non color. I love this non-color, because can be matched with anything, any color match and express a lot of simplicity and elegance at the same time. We feel that we seem so weak, what we love, especially us, ladies. They say black is always fashionable, because it is classic and sophisticated and do not give a black dress never fails. 

Imi place culoarea neagra,,,, bineinteles multi dintre voi, o sa-mi spuneti ca negru nu e o culoare ci o non-culoare. Imi place aceasta culoare, pentru ca aceasta non-culoare poate fi asortata cu orice, se potriveste cu orice alta culoare si exprima foarte multa simplitate si eleganta in acelasi timp. Ne da senzatia ca parem mai slabi, ceea ce ne place, mai ales noua, doamnelor . Se spune ca negrul este mereu la moda, intrucat e clasic si sofisticat, iar o tinuta neagra nu da niciodata gres.