December 16, 2010

Snow Moment!!

Like in every country in the Europe it s winter. In my country,Romania, it s winter to, and when i say winter - a say snowwwwww
To be honest , i don t like winter, not at all, but when i saw today all the snow, i feel very good, i remembered of my childhood and snow-related moments.
the day was not complete until I met my friends and we  visited the city with its beauties ..
.after we made some small shopping:P:P

December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Day !!! :)))

Hey Hey Hey ,,,or Ho Ho Ho ( like Santa   :P ) ...I m here again with all of you. Here in Romania is WINTER , it s really winter. Few days ago, Sunday,  if i remember well, it snowed ... it snowed so much, so hard ,so so so... that turned Iasi into a gingerbread snow....but was not so Yamy yamy, on the contrary, was even cold, if you believe it:))))). Now the weather has warmed, so gingerbread :)))))),,,, sorry snow has melted, and it s water  wherever you look....Now my little town has turned into a small Pacific...I like water, i adore water, but not in this way :))).
Why ginderbread, why snow???,,,because,,,( and now i`m telling you a secret} ), when i was  a child i like to eat snow and ice icicles :))))))) 

How's the weather in your  country, town?

December 1, 2010

Thank you allllll !!!!!

           I wake up today , 1 December 2010 , i wash my face, i look at the mirror , like always,, because i like my face when i wake up, ( curious no ? :)) )...after i drink my milk , because i don t drink coffee,I looked out the window   and i saw  gray weather,,,,:( and I became suddenly angry and i m telling first day of winter, not good. 
             I open  my computer  and i enter here ...and i was amazed, because i saw 37 comments,,,sweet comments from all of you.....Thank you alll !!!!!  
                    Maybe  you don t know that today is Romanian Day ,,,then Happy Birthday Romania, Happy Birthday to me